5 Coolest Things at the Toronto Festival of Beer

So, you’ve bought your tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer, you’re up to date on the best ways to survive a beer festival, and you’re ready to fight your way through throngs of Pan Am volunteers to get at that sweet, sweet beer.

So, what’s left to plan? Well, we have some thoughts on that.

Get the App

The most important thing for any beer festival experience is to organize your approach. That sounds like something an accountant would write, but it’s true. When there are 300+ beers on tap, you need a strategy, and the app can help. It’ll help you keep track of what you tried, has a map, and will let you search by beer style or brewery.

The Irish Pavilion

Some people think that Ireland only makes Guinness, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Make sure you stop by the Irish Pavilion and check out the Emerald Isle’s craft beer scene.

Beerlicious Grilling Experience

If you aren’t convinced that beer can aid any grilling adventure (who are you, hypothetical weirdo?), then let a bunch of kick-ass chefs like Massimo Capra, Tom Wade, and Amanda Ray convince you.

Expert Brewmaster Sessions

If your beer drinking isn’t complete without some kind of educational experience, then good news! The Prud’Homme beer geeks are putting on some kind of learnin’ derby. Topics include beer cocktails, home brewing, beer styles, and more.

Guided Tours

If the idea of sixty-some brewers with three hundred plus beers (and ciders!) sounds intimidating, let an expert guide you! Guiding tastings include a beer nerd’s ingredient tour, a gluten free sampling, and a selection of Irish beers.

Have fun at the beer festival! And if you see us there, don’t bug us. We’ll be drinkin’.

Dave Robson is the editor of DailyXY. He spends his time reading books, drinking Scotch, and smoking cigars.

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