5 Favourite Comfort Foods in Calgary

Come October, it’s always sad to fold up your shorts, put away your tennis racket and say goodbye to summer. It’s not all bad though…I mean, everyone secretly loves to put on a sweater again, dust off that slick puffy vest (wait, are those things cool or not?) and embrace the new cool fall weather. Well, puffy vest or no puffy vest, there’s one thing that can always warm you up, no matter what the temperature is outside: Comfort food.

Here are five awesome dishes around Calgary that demonstrate comfort food at its best:

Bistro 2210 Duck Confit Poutine 
Poutine may be a dime a dozen these days in Calgary, but Bistro 2210’s take on the Canadian classic is top notch. Loaded with duck confit, rich gravy and, of course, gooey cheese curds, this is definitely one of the most kick-ass poutines you can find in this city. Perfect for not sharing. 2210 4 St. S.W., $10

Cheezy Bizness Kimchikaze Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
Calgary’s comfort food on wheels. This popular food truck dishes out a wicked grilled cheese sandwich, The Kimchikaze, filled with Asian-marinated pastrami, gruyere, homemade kimchi and a sriracha mayo. Their piping hot tomato soup is perfect for dipping. Various locations, $9.50 and $2

Diner Deluxe Veal Meatloaf
Nothing warms you up on a cold fall evening like a thick slice of meatloaf. Topped with a spicy red pepper jelly, a hearty helping of vegetables, mashed potatoes and gravy, this might just be better than your mother’s meatloaf. Yeah, I said it. 804 Edmonton Trail N.E., $16

Farm Janice’s Signature Mac ‘n Cheese
This big bowl of creamy, bubbling mac ‘n cheese topped with smoked pork hock is comfort food at its best. After eating this, you’ll definitely be embarrassed about that box of KD you devoured for dinner last night. 1006 17 Ave. S.W., $16

Limerick Yorkshire Tidbit
Imagine a Yorkshire pudding on steroids. This massive Yorkshire is filled to the brim with slow-cooked beef, leeks, mushrooms and pairs perfectly with a pint of Guinness. If this doesn’t warm you up, you’re a lost cause. 7304 MacLeod Trail S., $15

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