How Food Bridges Social Gaps

Rich, poor, black, white, green or yellow- when it comes down to it, we’re all made up of the same. We all like our thirst to be quenched and our stomachs to be full no matter the social or cultural class. And everyone enjoys a hot, gooey slice of pizza.

So why does this matter?

Because regardless of the things that make us different, there’s a lot more that makes us the same. When it comes to people, we’re all just one of them. And when it comes to advertising/marketing, if the human connection (the insightful message) is there, it’ll relate and succeed no matter what because, you guessed it- we’re all on some level, people who go through similar experiences.

This philosophy and way of thinking are always relevant. Especially now.

With the gaps of social, economic and religious classes widening more than ever, creating more tension than we’ve felt for at least 20 years- it’s an important philosophy to have in mind and think about.

Most recently, two people- polar opposites- found themselves in the same restaurant, taking their time to enjoy the atmosphere, the company they brought with them, and the food.

One a veteran of professional sports well into his career making millions playing for a worldwide known team, and the other, a still-trying-to-afford-a-mortgage local advertising creative. And even so, they’re at the same place from different worlds.

The point of all this is that when an insight is made with a human connection, it transcends culture and class. It becomes a part of the fabric that brings us together creating strong, impactful and relatable messaging. Even to a multi-million-dollar professional athlete.

Whatever the situation, whoever the person, always be comfortable with who you are and where you’re going. Someone else with appreciates it and both individuals can benefit from the diversity.

In the end, it’s really what makes us different that makes us the same.

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