Where to Play Squash in Toronto

What could be more boring than an elliptical trainer? The machine has you literally run in circles, and there’s little chance that the part of your brain wired for chasing down woolly mammoths is getting much stimulation. Still, you’ve got to get your exercise somehow. Thank God for squash. Here’s where to play it in Toronto.

The Adelaide Club
Join a house league to battle Bay Street bankers on this exclusive club’s four courts. With concierge service and art by the likes of Frank Stella gracing the walls, a trip to the squash club can feel like a stay at a boutique hotel. 1 First Canadian Place

Toronto Racquet Club
Founded in 1905, the Toronto Racquet Club is the oldest squash club in North America. The club stays true to its mandate – “to provide squash at a not too extravagant price,” though only the fellas can enjoy the spartan facilities. Women are barred. 159 Bleecker St.

Badminton and Racquet Club
With free clinics every Thursday night, this 80-year-old club is friendly to beginners – if, that is, those beginners know the right people. To become a member, two current members must offer personal endorsements. 25 St. Clair Ave. W.

Value, convenience and cute hipster chicks are the primary selling points here, where eminently affordable “premium” membership means you can book the sole squash court a day in advance – which, regrettably, is necessary. 931 College St.

Granite Club
No squash court roundup would be complete without mention of one of Toronto’s swankiest – and priciest – private fitness clubs, home to seven pristine squash courts (two doubles, five singles). After the match, explore the sprawling 22-acre facility, and get a shave in the in-house barbershop. 2350 Bayview Ave.

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  1. Your comments about the YMCA are incomplete and wrong. There are two squash courts, not one, at 931 College (West End Y), and members can book them a week in advance. There are seven more Y’s in the GTO, including Metro Central and North York, which also have squash courts. Maybe the others do too, as you should have made an effort to discover.

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