Cowtown’s Beefiest Burgers

As with any city, the debate over Calgary’s best burger is fierce. Unlike other cities, however, Calgary sits in one of the world’s best beef regions; the city has an embarrassment of beefy riches. We don’t purport to know which burger’s best, but there’s an excellent chance it’s on this list.

Peters’ Drive-In
(pictured above)

Drive up and order from your car at this 45-year-old institution, where girls in retro candy-striped uniforms serve up patty-and-a-half single burgers and wacky marshmallow-flavoured milkshakes. Single patty, $3.30. 219 16th Ave. NE, 403-277-2747.

Burger Inn

Avoid the slightly cramped, Norman Rockwell-esque dining area of this mom ’n’ pop shop; take out a burger with a meat of your choosing – ostrich, bison, wild boar or Kobe beef –  and a hearty serving of home-cut fries. Single patty, $3.77. 1711 4th St. SW, 403-244-9293.

Local 510
Local 510’s homemade patties come with tangy garlic aioli and a dollop of urban cool. This modern-day saloon also offers a solid beer selection, best enjoyed in the sunshine on their cushy patio. Single patty, $8 (with fries and slaw). 510 17th Ave. SW, 403-229-4036.

Ship and Anchor

The Ship Burger (mushrooms, bacon and cheddar) is acclaimed at this rowdy English pub; the veggie burger is a hidden gem: brown rice, mushrooms, whole grains, onions and mozzarella topped with homemade salsa and pineapple. Single patty, $6.95. 534 17th Ave. SW, 403-245-3333.

Boogies Burgers

Flippin’ patties since 1969, these guys make human head-sized burgers; finish one and you can play some vintage Pacman and pinball games while you digest. Single patty, $4.50. A-908 Edmonton Trail NE, 403-230-7070.

Image courtesy of Are You Gonna Eat That.


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  1. Glenn you’ve clearly overlooked the best burger in the city. Having eaten all of the above I can say the only one that enters the sphere is Boogies. However, the best burger in the city is clearly Rocky’s Burger Bus. These amazing feats of meat are prepared fresh inside a 60s era transit bus that sits on a hill in the heart of Calgary’s SE Industrial area. The patties themselves are fist sized and ooze with the juices that only a fresh made burger can offer. The fries are fresh and deliciously crisp. Toppings are spartan so as not to take away from the glory of the burger itself.

    1120 46th Ave. SE – (403) 243 0405

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