Deadbeat Pasta

Need a no-nonsense pasta recipe that convers all the food groups, takes fewer than twenty minutes, and won’t elicit too many eye rolls from visiting parents or girlfriends? Here it is. Just make sure you don’t buy any pasta that’s “enriched” or has a bunch of crap added to it. That stuff sucks.


150g Fusilli or bowtie pasta (or, as much as you want to eat)
1 package of bacon
1 package cherry tomatoes
Parmesan cheese
2 tablespoons butter


1. Slice bacon into small pieces (it’s easier if you throw the package in the freezer for twenty minutes), then throw said small pieces into a pan on medium. You want to render the fat out.
2. Throw a pot of water on to boil.
3. Slice the cherry tomatoes into bit size pieces; either halves or quarters, depending on size.
4. When the bacon is close to ready, throw the pasta in the water. Expect it to take about ten minutes.
5. When the bacon is done, drain the fat and set the bacon aside.
6. Return the bacon pan to low heat and dump in the cherry tomatoes; cook on low heat for one minute.
7. Once the pasta is done and drained, assemble the whole thing. Stir in butter, parmesan cheese, bacon, cherry tomatoes. Crack some pepper over it and add cheese to taste.

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