Toronto Study Suggests Pasta Can Help You Lose Weight

Many dieters avoid carbohydrates when trying to drop pounds, but researchers from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto found that pasta’s low glycemic index (GI) can actually help people lose weight. The researchers examined 30 randomized control trials of nearly 2,500 people whose main source of carbohydrates was pasta. The results … Read More

Deadbeat Pasta

Need a no-nonsense pasta recipe that convers all the food groups, takes fewer than twenty minutes, and won’t elicit too many eye rolls from visiting parents or girlfriends? Here it is. Just make sure you don’t buy any pasta that’s “enriched” or has a bunch of crap added to it. … Read More

Montreal’s Drogheria Fine

Drogheria Fine is Montreal’s year-old boutique pasta sauce emporium, championed by Franco Gattuso, a household name when it comes to Italian food in the Mile End. An ex-restaurateur, Gattuso decided to shift his extraordinary palette and particular culinary skills away from the restaurant biz and open his own shop. He … Read More

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