The Hangover Cure?

According to a new study published in Food & Function, the best hangover cures may be Sprit or soda water.

It is thought that when our bodies break down ethanol into acetaldehyde, this causes the negative effects of a hangover. Subsequently, acetaldehyde is broken down into acetate, which some theorize is responsible for the good feelings that follow the end of a hangover. Scientists in China theorized that if the enzymes responsible for these chemical conversions could be sped up, then hangovers could be shortened. They then tested a wide range of herbal teas and fizzy drinks, measuring which would speed the body’s conversion of ethanol to acetaldehyde, and acetaldehyde to acetate. According to them, Sprite and soda water do the best job. Sadly, they did not test other drinks, like Caesars.

Of course, take this with a big grain of salt: this hangover cure may not be better than the second best hangover cure, which is time, or the first best hangover cure, which is not to get drunk at all.

Photo courtesy of Avenue G

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