How Men and Women Use Language on Facebook


The above word clouds are from a new study published in PLOS One, which examines the different word choices men and women use on social media.

Researchers examined 700 million words collected from 75,000 American Facebook volunteers. The average age of the respondents was actually twenty-three, although, looking at the word clouds, you’d expect it to be about thirteen.

What can we conclude? Well, women really like SHOPPING, being EXCITED, having BIRTHDAYS, and being THANKFUL and feeling BLESSED to have FAMILY, FRIENDS, and SWEETHEARTS.

Men, on the other hand, like LEAGUES of FOOTBALL and other SPORTS, when they aren’t playing XBOX and swearing profusely.

Final conclusion: people who spend an inordinate time on Facebook talking about themselves are probably skewing our perceptions of gender. So there’s that.



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