Hot Pursuit of the Calgary Burger

For all the “fusion this and sushi that”, Calgary is still a cattle-centric city. Around here, no one ever asks, where’s the beef? It’s everywhere. It’s fresh, frequently ground, and a kilo costs less than a gallon of gas.

Every Calgary guy – and a few out-of-towners such as actor Hugh Jackman, who ate there while shooting the X-Men in town – worth his weight in burgers knows that the best are found at Pete’s Drive In at 291 16th Avenue SW.

“I also learned quickly Calgary has the best Hamburgers in the world,” said Jackman. “My driver took me to Pete’s Drive-In one day. After that I’d find any excuse I could to go back there.”

Three other burgers of note:

1. The Yardhouse Burger: The bar is a bit of a sensory overload, but their cheeseburger and fries is sublime. (1136 Kensington Road, or 718 17th Avenue).

2. The Saltlik Steak House Burger: High-end burger, crisp fries, big glass of cabernet, pretty, friendly waitstaff. Upscale steakhouse ambiance without the attitude. (101 8th Ave SW, 537-1160).

3. Kensington Pub: It looks like a hobbit house and the vibe is more rural Irish than downtown Calgary, but there are days when that’s a good thing. Juicy, lean cheeseburger. Plentiful fries. Pints of Big Rock. No jet lag, and there’s always a game on. (207 10A Street, 270-4505).

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