Hot Pursuit of the Calgary Burger

For all the “fusion this and sushi that”, Calgary is still a cattle-centric city. Around here, no one ever asks, where’s the beef? It’s everywhere. It’s fresh, frequently ground, and a kilo costs less than a gallon of gas. Every Calgary guy – and a few out-of-towners such as actor … Read More

Be the Wine Guy

Buying a bottle of wine can be a little unnerving. Choosing what goes with white and what goes with red is only the beginning. There’s the money and learning curve. Calgary’s perpetual labour shortage does not exactly attract budding sommeliers to work the local liquor store registers. So whom do … Read More

Parking Secrets for Guys

Downtown Calgary is such a nightmare to park in, you almost want to beg a lot to take your money. Here’s a few alternative parking tips: 1. The surface lots in the East Village, adjacent to downtown, are pretty reasonable: $7-9 a day (versus $22). These are the lots between … Read More

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