In Defense of Rosé

Drinking rosé is often an act of desperation. Luckily, when the hot weather hits, that desperation is easier to mask: emotional eating and drinking become all-day backyard BBQs! Impulsive, regrettable relations with the office intern are rebranded as fun summer flings!

In fact, the philosophy you take with that intern should be virtually identical to the one you take with rosé: the younger the vintage, the better. And while refreshing, it will not offer you a great deal of complexity. In other words, don’t drop a ton of money on it. Similarly, there are specific circumstances in which it is appropriate to consume rosé. Here are five:

1. Rosé is to be consumed only when it is hot. If you are reading this in Siberia, stick with vodka.

2. You may drink it at lunch, when a big or nuanced red might be overwhelming.

3. Rosés are food-compatible and versatile. Recently, rosé sales in France surpassed those of white wine. Provence is the rosé capital of the world; the wine pairs best with a classic dish from that region: bouillabaisse or ratatouille. And remember, it is not a sweet wine. If what’s in your glass is alcoholic, pink and cloying, you are drinking what’s known as a blush. It is not rosé.

4. It’s festive in a cocktail. Try making a rosé sangria or, if you’re in a fancier mood, a Big Spender.

5. Are you currently wearing a seersucker suit and a funny hat? I hope you are drinking rosé.

Kathryn Borel Jr., who is pictured above, is the author of the new book Corked, which was nominated for the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour. It’s about wine, France, her father and death.


4 thoughts on “In Defense of Rosé”

  1. I love reading Borel. It is always a ‘feel good’ event. Just like drinking wine.

    I read ‘Corked’ last year, and even bought copies for friends. I hope she has another book in her. I wait patiently. In the mean time, I will continue to read her columns; they are short bursts of flavour with a pleasant, lingering resonance.

  2. Michael — thanks so much for the lovely note. I’m finishing up my 2nd book proposal this weekend — so hopefully someone out there will think it’s not god-awful and buy it. Expect The Second Coming at some point in late 2011? Unless I become addicted to dogfighting or something else?

  3. I hate this writer a bunch. Nice of her to compare drinking summer wines to a speech about ending racism. Hardly surprising though.

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