How to Avoid a Relationship

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You can stop panicking. Every savvy, He’s Just Not That Into You-reading woman should be able to figure out if you’re not interested in a full-blown relationship, having noted your every commitment-phobic move. To be sure you are sending the message you want to send – let’s have a good time, not a long time – show it with these telltale signs:

Don’t call
The wonders of modern technology mean that a brief, cryptic text message counts as a legitimate form of communication. But if we’re seeing each other and you’ve got us on a text only-regimen, we’ll know you’re not serious. If you were, you’d call.

Keep it once a week
It’s inevitable. If a few weeks have gone by and we’re seeing each other twice a week or more, you’re entering boyfriend world. If you want to keep it light, don’t exceed the once-per-week mark. We’ll get the picture.

Don’t hold our hands
There’s something about this gesture that’s even more intimate than sex. Indeed, you make a bold declaration to the world when you walk with our hand in yours. So if you’re not serious, keep your paws to yourselves in public.

Avoid the F-word
Do not mention the future – in relation to us – either short- or long-term. You’ll throw us off if we hear ourselves featured in your talk of upcoming happenings. This includes the seemingly innocuous, “We should go camping next weekend.” You may just be musing, but the idea that we’ve been factored into your future plans could give us ideas.

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2 thoughts on “How to Avoid a Relationship”

  1. Great! Now man’s will become more intelligent! Please, how about you just explain them how to be a good man and stop playing with lady’s heart. There is enough jurk in this planet we dont need to add more. Find someone you love and respect and try to be happy, life is short. When you get old you want someone next to you, someone you can share with. You dont want to get old, alone and miserable thinking you were to difficult in your choices. Give the other one a chance, love comes with respect. My life might not be as what I was expecting but you can spend a life time searching for the right person, do right choices, that all I say. Dont be a jackass fulling aroubd lady’s heart. You value better. Thanks Mr. Writer I did enjoy this little courses!

  2. “Great! Now man’s will become more intelligent!”

    Well, I certainly see how that’d be a threat to you, “Sandra”. LOL …

    None of these “tips” are the exclusive domain of men. Women can be happy to exercise exacting control of texts and IMs to keep things “on-message”, and know better than the guys how to limit the body language to the basics.

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