Last-Minute Spirits Gift List

One of the many great things about whisky and other spirits is that they make great gifts. They come in a range of prices, don’t expire, look good, and best of all, can be shared.

Craigellachie 13 Year Old

Primarily used for Dewar’s blended whiskies, there’s only so much Craigellachie single malt released each year. It is an easy-drinking scotch, with balanced notes of butterscotch, grass, and light smoke. If you like just a touch of smoke in your whisky and can’t go full-Islay, Craigellachie is for you.
Craigellachie, Scotland – 46% ABV
LCBO Price: $79.95

Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve

One of the best Canadian whiskies out there, Forty Creek’s Copper Pot Reserve is a bolder, amped up version of their bestselling Barrel Select. Flavours are big and bold; expect lots of caramel, rye grain, and orange bitterness.
Grimsby, Ontario – 43% ABV
LCBO Price: $29.95

Jameson Crested

If you’re wondering whatever happened to Jameson Ten, it’s this. Jameson Crested is a blend of older whiskies with a bigger share of single pot still whiskey. Some of it has been aged in sherry casks, which makes for a very sweet dram.
Midelton, Ireland – 40% ABV
LCBO Price: $44.95

Aultmore 12 Year Old

Sweet and delicate. How delicate? Expect notes of grass, flowers, moss, and sweet gale. Drink this scotch neat. Even filtered spring water might overpower it.
Keith, Scotland – 46% ABV
LCBO Price: $79.95

Royal Brackla 12 Year Old

This is the King’s Own Whisky. No, literally; Royal Brackla was the first distillery to be granted a Royal Warrant, which meant that Royal Brackla supplied all the whisky for King William IV’s court. The king certainly had good taste. Toasted grains, toffee, stone fruit, and ginger all make for a rich and satisfying whisky.
Nairn, Scotland – 40% ABV
LCBO Price: $95.95

Crystal Head Vodka Shaker Gift Set

What else can we tell you about a vodka that comes in a bottle shaped like a skull? How’s this: it’s owned by Dan Aykroyd. And it’s quadruple distilled and septuple-filtered. The final three filtrations are through Herkimer diamonds. Which may be why it’s won some big awards, including a Double Gold Medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
Newfoundland – 40% ABV
LCBO Price: $69.95

Photo: Vito Amati/Ryan Emberley Photography

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