Poor Sleep Leads to High Anxiety

Like to push back bedtime, even though you need to wake up early in the morning? Well, maybe stop doing that. The evidence suggests that it’s ruining your life.

A study published in Cognitive Therapy and Research has found that people who both go to bed late and sleep too few hours are more prone to worrying. Researchers had one hundred participants complete a questionnaire and solve two puzzles on computer. Their research measured how much the participants overthought, obsessed, or worried about things, which are the three components researchers consider negative thinking to be based on. The participants also gave their sleep habits. The research found that those who both went to bed late and got up early were more prone to all three of the behaviours than the other research participants.

Of course, it’s possible that all the worrying is what led the participants to go to sleep late in the first place; either way, consider it a red flag in your own life. You can seek professional help, or, if that’s too scary, socialise in the pub more often. No, seriously. Click the link! Socialising in pubs is good for you!




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