Late-Night Eateries in Montreal

It’s simply not debatable that Montreal is the capital of Canadian late-night indulgence. When bars stop serving at 3AM, major boulevards are swarmed by party zombies, stumbling either homeward or into the first casse-croûte with its sign lit “Ouvert.” What most fail to take into account is the quality of the food in question. Sure, a two-buck slice might suppress an appetite, but it’s never truly fulfilling. Here, the all-stars of the late-night food scene.

Nouveau Palais
Almost venturing into Outremont, this little diner will excite, delight and satiate. Before midnight they serve a full menu, including one of the best hamburgers in town. After twelve, Nouveau Palais’ kitchen pumps out perogies by the plateful ($5/serving). If you make last call, be sure to try their house lager. 281 Bernard St. West, 514-273-1180.

La Banquise
Nothing better defines the Quebecois than beer and poutine. Twenty-four hours a day, La Banquise has enthusiasts covered with over two dozen types of the cheesy, gravy-doused carb. Slightly hip, admittedly touristy and all too gluttonous, this poutinerie is notoriously packed whenever you show up. We recommend the T-Rex: hot dogs, ground beef, bacon and pepperoni — it’ll stop your growling stomach, as well as your aortic artery. 994 Rachel St. East, 514-525-2415.

Le Main
During the day, this bistro competes with neighbouring, longstanding champion Schwartz’s Deli. Lucky for Le Main — and us — those oldies have a curfew and close at a reasonable hour. For an unreasonable amount of smoked meat, available also as a topping for burgers, you’ll likely be full until tomorrow night’s dinner. 3864 St. Laurent Blvd., 514-843-8126.

Restaurant Boustan
Heralded as one of the most authentic Lebanese eateries in the city, it comes as a shock that they stay open well into the morning. Once sampled, the food seems unbeatable — that is, until you’re wasted. The (shameless) combination of grease and garlic is next to euphoric, especially when it comes in the form of tightly wrapped shawarma. 2020A Crescent Street, 514-843-3576

Image courtesy of noukorama.

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