New research shows the simple way to get better service in bars and restaurants

Have trouble getting good service in restaurants? Does it seem like you’re always waiting for the server’s attention or that they seldom offer you another drink when your glass is empty? The problem could be your outfit. Science says that what you’re wearing when you go out affects how restaurant … Read More

Late-Night Eateries in Montreal

It’s simply not debatable that Montreal is the capital of Canadian late-night indulgence. When bars stop serving at 3AM, major boulevards are swarmed by party zombies, stumbling either homeward or into the first casse-croûte with its sign lit “Ouvert.” What most fail to take into account is the quality of … Read More

Valentine’s Day Dining: Toronto

Every time Valentine’s Day rolls around, lists start to pop up with names like “Toronto’s Most Romantic Restaurants” and “Toronto’s Top Date Dining Spots.” They might as well call it “Top Toronto Restaurants Where You’ll Never Get a Reservation.” Landing a table on Valentine’s Day can be a tough proposition, … Read More

Boutique Grocery Stores in Toronto

Since the recession first hit, Toronto fine dining has swung decidedly downscale, with the city’s trendy eaters instead becoming enamored with “upscale” versions of traditionally unfussy, economical standbys like eggs, grilled cheese and hamburgers. A curious corollary is that middle class types are more than willing to pay inflated prices … Read More

Recommended Indian Cuisine in Montreal

It’s always appalling to hear someone protest going out for Indian. The kneejerk cop-out involves distaste for spice, sometimes ironically phrased as a preference for “meat and potatoes” — ironic, because Indian cuisine offers numerous delicious options for both. Granted, spice is part of most of the package, and neither … Read More

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