Sing Sing in Montreal

The collision of an old fish market, a graffiti crew and an art gallery has resulted in an unlikely Montreal business: Sing Sing, the city’s first and only all-in-one bar-art gallery-seafood restaurant.

The latest venture by artists’ group the Kops Crew, Sing Sing’s restaurant/bar is attached to Waldman’s fish market, which is kitty-corner to the group’s previous art and party zone, the Kopshop.

“Sing Sing came from some well-timed daydreams about that unused space,”says Sing Sing and Kopshop co-owner Ned Maloney. “We struck a deal to renovate and run the space ourselves. When we realized that there was an adjacent garage space the same size as the gallery, we thought it would be amazing to combine the gallery with a resto-bar so that gallery shows would promote the resto and vice-versa.”

Now open for nearly two months, Sing Sing is positioning itself as a drinking and late night eating destination; the kitchen is open late, and the menu focuses on traditional pub fare with an emphasis on fish and seafood – something which Maloney attributes to being next door to Waldman’s. Weekly DJ nights are in the works, as are events coordinated with shows at the gallery. “This whole venture really would not have happened without our dedication to the Kopshop,”says Maloney. “We’re really keen on promoting the space as Siamese twins. What happens in the Gallery should happen in Sing Sing.”

Sing Sing, 77 des Pins E.

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