Superbowl XLVI in Toronto

This season the word of Tim Tebow spread from the NFL to the annals of pop culture, but an anti-miraculous twist eliminated the quarterback and his Denver Broncos from the running. The focus of this year’s Super Bowl XLVI is once again Tom Brady, as his New England Patriots square off against the New York Giants in one of the last true remaining television “events.” The only question that remains: Where are you going to watch it? While just about every Toronto bar, restaurant and coffee shop offers some sort of cash-in screening, we try to narrow it down to the “true” parties.

Toronto’s Official Super Bowl XLVI Party at Sound Academy
Let’s start with the official one first (you know it’s official because of that roll-off-the-tongue name). Hosted by the NFL, this big to-do at the Sound Academy features the Toronto – ahem, we mean Buffalo – Bills cheerleaders, a performance by CanRock relics Big Wreck, a hosting gig by TSN’s James Cybulski and cameos from a few yet-unannounced NFL players. This may be the closest thing you’ll find to an American-style Super Bowl tailgate party north of the border. $46.75. 11 Polson St., 416-649-7437

The Ultimate Tailgate Party at the Ballroom
The Entertainment District’s fanciest bowling alley clears its lanes for a different kind of “bowl.” The Ballroom gussies up the deal with drink specials (including two free with ticket), prizes, and an all-you-can-eat pig roast. Though there’s a live half-time show, you might opt for a Madonna-scored mid-game frame instead. $30. 145 John St., 416-597-2695

The Queen and Beaver Public House
The Queen and Beaver Public House is devoted to a different kind of football (“soccer,” for the non-Anglophiles), but this Sunday, the authentic English pub’s popular second-floor screening room goes American. The result may be the classiest Super Bowl party you’ve ever been to; complete with comfy armchairs, tasteful old-world design and topped with a $26 roast pork shoulder and roast potato dinner cooked by acclaimed chef Andrew Carter. 35 Elm St., 647-347-2712

Super Sunday Football Party at Wayne Gretzky’s Restaurant
I’m relatively certain the closest the Great One ever came to playing football was ProStars but that doesn’t stop his restaurant from putting on an annual Super Bowl screening. $20 includes an all-you-can-eat buffet, prizes and the cognitive dissonance of watching the two top teams in the NFL square off surrounded by hockey memorabilia. $20, 99 Blue Jays Way, 416-979-7825

Super Bowl Sunday at Projection Booth
You can brag about the size of your TV all you want, but you’re not going to beat the grandness that is watching the NFL’s biggest game on a cinema’s silver screen. Park yourself at this East End theatre from the pre-game show to the trophy dedications (plus, American commercials!) and guarantee yourself a proper Super Bowl screening. And, yes, it’s licensed. 1035 Gerrard St. E., 416-466-3636

Image courtesy of patriotworld

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