2012 St. Patrick’s Day in Toronto

St. Patrick’s Day is ostensibly a holiday celebrating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, but as celebrated in metropolitan Canada, it can look more like an excuse for popped-collar meatheads to get over-served while wearing green plastic hats in the name of “Irish culture.” That’s likely to be even more … Read More

Toronto: Last-Minute Valentine’s

Few relationship tests are so fraught with peril as Valentine’s Day. Everything you do, wear and especially buy is loaded with signification. Where is your relationship at? Where you do you see it going? Are you keeping it casual or settling in for a long commitment? All questions many men … Read More

Valentine’s Day Dining: Toronto

Every time Valentine’s Day rolls around, lists start to pop up with names like “Toronto’s Most Romantic Restaurants” and “Toronto’s Top Date Dining Spots.” They might as well call it “Top Toronto Restaurants Where You’ll Never Get a Reservation.” Landing a table on Valentine’s Day can be a tough proposition, … Read More

Superbowl XLVI in Toronto

This season the word of Tim Tebow spread from the NFL to the annals of pop culture, but an anti-miraculous twist eliminated the quarterback and his Denver Broncos from the running. The focus of this year’s Super Bowl XLVI is once again Tom Brady, as his New England Patriots square … Read More

2012 Interior Design Show

Starting tomorrow, Toronto’s design nuts have plenty to salivate over as the 2012 Interior Design Show officially gets underway. Pre-show events begin today and the convention runs until Sunday, January 29, as IDS transforms the Metro Toronto Convention Centre into a microcosm of the design world, which means not only … Read More

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