The best bars for after work drinks in and around Toronto’s Financial District

There’s no better reward for a hard day’s work than to find a comfortable table at your favourite bar and order up your beverage of choice. Maybe with some snacks. A happy hour drink or two before heading home is also a great way to bond with your coworkers, keep … Read More

New research shows the simple way to get better service in bars and restaurants

Have trouble getting good service in restaurants? Does it seem like you’re always waiting for the server’s attention or that they seldom offer you another drink when your glass is empty? The problem could be your outfit. Science says that what you’re wearing when you go out affects how restaurant … Read More

Calgary Patio Preview

After a record mild winter in Calgary, there’s a sense we haven’t really earned patio season this year through the traditional means — by suffering a savage and near-unbearable seven-month freeze. There’s also a sense that it’s patio season and if the sun god of winter 2012 decides to clock a … Read More

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