Diego Maradona has a new team

Diego Maradona has travelled from the mountaintop to the water’s edge. The man who used to be the greatest soccer player on Earth has taken work as manager of a second-division team in the United Arab Emirates (Fifa country rank: #75). The team is Fujairah and they are located in … Read More

Toronto’s Terrible Traffic, and More

Gridlocked: how incompetence, pandering and baffling inertia have kept Toronto stuck in traffic – Toronto Life “Gridlock is the lightning-rod issue of this mayoral race, with candidates sparring over which transportation fix—underground subways, surface subways, LRT, more buses, more bike lanes, no bike lanes, more speed bumps, no speed bumps—is … Read More

Why Men Still Pay For First Dates, and More

It’s 2014: Why Are Men Still Paying for First Dates? – The Atlantic “The company’s survey indicates that, in the early stages of courting, the pressure to pay falls primarily on men, but this imbalance hardly dissolves as the relationship progresses. Fifty-six percent of men foot the bill in full … Read More

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