Tasting Notes: More Summer Craft Beers

Tippled your way through our last list, have you? That’s okay—our love of craft beer knows no bounds.

Les Trois Mousquetaires Hopfenweisse (Canada, 6%)
Hazy dark gold, white head. Grass and hops on the nose. Wheat and herbal notes on the palate; German wheat with American hops makes for an interesting brew.
750ml, $6.75

MIKKELLER Canadian Dream (Denmark, 4.6%)
Clear orange, thick head. Burnt orange and hops on the nose, sweet citrus cut with acidity on the palate, along with pleasant bitterness. Bravo!
330ml, $3.30

Thornbridge Kipling South Pacific Ale (England, 5.2%)
Clear yellow, modest head. Citrus and hops on the nose, light and lively on the palate with grapefruit and a long finish.
500ml, $5.00

Hofbrau Hefe Weizen (Germany, 5.1%)
Golden but extremely cloudy. Banana and spice on the nose, bread, malt, yeast, lemon, and orange peel on the palate. Smooth but robust.
500ml, $2.95

Nogne O Saison (Norway, 6.5%)
Hazy straw, generous head. The nose is slightly smoky, but citrus notes dominate. Citrus, malts, and hops are all balanced on the palate.
500ml, $6.00

Ommegang Hennepin (USA, 7.7%)
Pale gold, very hazy. The nose is composed of wheat, honey, and spice—that is, it’s more like a wheat beer than a saison. Wheat starts off the palate, but it’s cut with floral hops.
6x355ml, $12.95

Dave Robson is the editor of DailyXY. He spends his time reading books, drinking Scotch, and smoking cigars.

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