Vancouver’s Best Gourmet Takeout

Don’t want to cook, don’t want to dine out but still want to eat like a king? Some of Vancouver’s top restaurateurs are now offering ready-to-go meals. Here, where to find the city’s finest takeout.

Les Amis du Fromage
If you can’t get a table at Au Petit Chavignol, pop next door to the owners’ cheese shop for a scrumptious selection of ready-to-heat entrees. Go for dishes that feature fromage, like mac and cheese, risotto with prosciutto and seafood chili con queso. 843 East Hastings St., 604-253-4218.

Vij’s Rangoli
Between running two restaurants, raising two daughters and writing two cookbooks, Vikram Vij and his wife, Meeru Dhalwala, know how busy life can be. Which is why they offer precooked meals for you to enjoy at home. Punjabi lamb curry could be the best thing to ever come out of your microwave. 1488 West 11th Ave., 604-736-5711.

La Ghianda
Around the corner from popular Point Grey eatery La Quercia (oak tree in Italian), sprouted La Ghianda (acorn). The deli offers many dishes off La Quercia’s menu — mainly pastas and braised meats — ready to be warmed and enjoyed at home. 2083 Alma St., 604-566-9559.

Dirty Apron
Keep your apron clean by picking up meaty meals like prime rib and osso bucco from this gourmet grocer. You’ll also find homemade ice cream for dessert and flowers for the table. Brought to you by the owners of Medina and Chambar. 540 Beatty St., 604-879-8588.

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  1. When we had our first baby we recived a gift bag of tasty meals from Les Amis du Fromage. It was lovely, the mac and cheese hit the spot and it came in a fabulous lined bag with a zipper which has been used many times for picnicking and the like. Fingers crossed we get another one with the second baby!

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