Vancouver’s Top Hot Dogs

Hot dog carts are ubiquitous on the street corners of downtown Vancouver, but sometimes a plain old dog just won’t do. For something a little more sophisticated (but not too sophisticated), check out these savvy carts, which are dishing out global flavours and proving you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Tandoori-Tikka Dog: Chicken Dog
This Indian-inspired grilled chicken dog is basted with house-made tandoori sauce; expect notes of cumin and coriander. Request an extra toasty bun, and smother it with butter-fried onions and old school mustard – or Dijon, if you dare. Kosher beef dogs also available. $5.50. 601 W. Cordova St.

Japa Dog: Okonomi Kurobuta Pork
Expect a lineup at either cart location, or the soon-to-open storefront, if you’re craving one of these messy, 100 percent Kurobuta (Berkshire pork) dogs. Top yours with mayo, fried cabbage, dried bonito flakes and okonomi sauce -+a kind of tricked-out ketchup. Other options include miso mayo, daikon-oroshi and nori. Turkey and veggie dogs also available. $6.25. 845 Burrard St.; corner, Burrard St. and Pender St.; and soon, 530 Robson St.

Mexi-Dog: Cabo Dog
All beef dogs here come with fried onions, a pickled carrot-chile slaw and chipotle mayo on a toasted bun. Kick up the tropic heat with three kinds of hot sauce or pickled chilies -+or sop up a night’s booze with mushrooms, sauerkraut and Caesar dressing. (Trust us: It works.) Mole sauce, too, is a highlight. $4. 1000 West Georgia St.

Carts tend to be open late on weekends, depending on weather.

image courtesy of foxy_moron on flickr


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