Best Body Bootcamp

If there’s one thing we don’t need in the middle of the let-down that is January, it’s a dose of guilt about how we packed on the carbs last month. The year’s barely a week old, and we’re already sick of health club pitches.

But there’s an alternative to that expensive gym membership you’ll use only twice. The Best Body Bootcamp provides a surprisingly effective and relatively painless way to shed the holiday pounds with a month-long total body fitness program of resistance training, plyometrics, cardio, kickboxing, core and some yoga and pilates-based exercises.

If you’ve spent December partying into the wee hours, the three-times-a-week regimen of early morning hour-long workouts will be a welcome jolt to your routine.

Usually the camps are held outside at Trinity Bellwoods Park. But once the temperature goes sub-zero they move inside the cozy new dome at BMO Field, home of the Toronto FC, and the stadium that didn’t host Beckham last summer. The facility even has change rooms and shower facilities (your tax dollars at work, folks).

Since it launched last year, both athletes and coach potatoes have experienced the transformation that a month of hard core training delivers. Founders Roger and Daniela Nahas are so sure you’ll see results they’ll even give you before and after pictures.

They’ll also provide dietary consultations as part of the program, to help you stay off the Pringles once you completed the bootcamp.

One more reason to consider a bootcamp: they’re filled with single professional women in need of a self-esteem boost.

To sign up, call (416) 519-2643 or check their website for class times. DailyXY subscribers get a special discount of $25 off the usual price of $225. The next program kicks off January 7 and runs to February 1.

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