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How many times have you promised yourself you would finally lose the weight and get healthy? And how many times have you actually kept that promise? Don’t feel bad if you’re one of those people who have failed over and over again. The truth is losing weight is very possible, but it starts with overcoming many of the myths and misconceptions we’ve been brainwashed to believe – myths that go right to the very root of our thoughts, actions and behaviors that keep us from achieving our goals.

Let’s focus on five of the most common diet and weight loss myths:

Myth: I can cheat on my diet

Truth: Imagine informing your spouse you’ve been 99% faithful in your marriage.  You wouldn’t be shocked at the incredulous reaction, yet we’ve been brainwashed to believe diets are different.  They’re not!  Success with your diet means 100% commitment, and that’s why most people don’t succeed. Success in any endeavor requires one hundred percent commitment, which is the reason most people fail. Short cuts never work, and the consciousness that searches for them will destroy your results in other areas of your life as well. If you’re fat and you want to get fit, comply fully or resolve to struggle with extra weight for the rest of your life.

Myth: I can start over on Monday

Truth: Start-stop syndrome is a common cause of weight-loss failure.  This instills the belief that time is unlimited, and another opportunity will be available to become healthy.  Tell that to the millions of Americans who have had heart attacks, cancer and diabetes caused by obesity.  Today is all you have. Next time you try to talk yourself into starting over tomorrow or next week, ask yourself this critical thinking question: What makes tomorrow better than today to get fit? If I continue starting over every time the going gets tough, will I eventually die fat? Today is the day to start down the road to better health and fitness.

Myth: Diets just don’t work for me

Truth: Americans have been programmed to believe diets don’t work because of the inability of the average person to stick to them, and their unwillingness to take responsibility for their own failure. Make no mistake: many diets work very well. Because an individual lacks the mental toughness to stick to a diet doesn’t make the diet any less effective. Grow up emotionally and develop the mental toughness to stick to a diet once and for all.

Myth: I’m so ashamed to be on a diet

Truth: Dieting is something to be proud of.  Part of losing weight is being proud of the discipline it requires to become fit and stay that way.  Don’t be brainwashed by the thinking of the masses. Overcome your addiction to the approval of other people. They may laugh and try to convince you that you’ll never get fit, but if you stay true to your diet and exercise plan, you’ll be the one laughing in the end.  Think for yourself and be proud of declaring war on poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle.

Myth: I look good with a little meat on my bones

Truth: If you want to successfully lose weight, it’s time to become brutally honest with yourself.  When you want to become better at something, look at it through the eyes of objective reality, and don’t let emotion cloud your judgment. Stop buying into the phrases fat people say like “big is beautiful” and “pleasantly plump.”  Take a good look in the mirror and stop lying to yourself.  If you’re going to win this battle, you have to identify the enemy, and the enemy is you.

If you want to finally lose weight and get healthy, it’s up to you. Stop being stupid, stop playing Russian Roulette, wise up, get tough and be the example for your friends, loved ones and yourself. The choice is simple: die fat or get tough!

Steve Siebold is author of Fat Loser: Mental Toughness Training for Dieters. To download a free copy, visit

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