Toronto Study Suggests Pasta Can Help You Lose Weight

Many dieters avoid carbohydrates when trying to drop pounds, but researchers from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto found that pasta’s low glycemic index (GI) can actually help people lose weight. The researchers examined 30 randomized control trials of nearly 2,500 people whose main source of carbohydrates was pasta. The results … Read More

5 Detox Foods That Actually Work

Skinny teas, 7-day juice cleanses and fad diets, you’ve probably seen it all. With all these products and solutions boasting promises of cleansing toxins and weight loss, whether they actually work or not is truly debatable. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on solutions that don’t promise results, why not … Read More

White bread may be healthier for you than whole wheat

Basically, white bread has been considered the enemy of the health-conscious for years. Sure, it tastes great, but it’s a pure carb, and has little to no nutritional value… But maybe it’s not getting a fair shake. New research suggests that there is actually little difference between how whole wheat … Read More

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