Google Glass Allowed (Sort of) in MLB

First they were banned from casinos. Then they were banned on some roads. But there’s one place where Google Glass are accepted, the major league baseball diamond. At least before the game that is.

Oakland Athletics pitchers Ryan Cook and Ryan Doolittle received free pairs of the glasses, as part as Google’s plan to see how early adopters use the glasses, according to CNET.

But the pair can’t wear the glasses on the mound during a game, as they are not approved by Major League Baseball for game-use. They could be used to pull up batter’s statistics to find his weaknesses or to better track the strike zone for use when arguing with the umpires.

Oakland A’s manager Bob Melvin will let Cook and Doolittle wear the glasses during warmups, batting practice and other pre-game activities, however.

Oakland Athletics’ rival, the San Francisco Giants,  must be a little miffed none of their players received a free pair of Google Glass, especially seeing how the Googleplex is a lot closer to San Francisco.



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