Got Erectile Dysfunction? Eat Vegetables

Let’s handle this maturely: can’t rise to the occasion? Have trouble standing at attention? Well, try this: eat more fruits and vegetables.

According to a pretty unique study published in Urology, men struggling with erectile dysfunction ought to try eating more fruits and vegetables. The study looked at a survey of 1,500 Canadian men suffering from diabetes, a population that suffers a 45% rate of ED. However, researchers found that those men who regularly ate fruits and vegetables were less likely to have ED. Not only that, but they found that with each serving of fruits or vegetables eaten, there was a decrease in the chance of having ED by about ten per cent.

Of course, results at this point are a bit weak, as the reason behind the correlation is unknown. There’s probably not much of a downside to eating more fruits and vegetables, but firmer results require more research.

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