How to Fight the Flu

In my opinion, the best way to protect yourself from the flu is to keep yourself healthy and naturally boosting your immune system. I have never had the flu shot – and I’ve never had the flu. My father-in-law, on the other hand, has been forced by his employer to have the flu shot every year, and every year never fail he gets the flu – twice. Once right after he gets the shot, and some other time during the flu season.

Here are my tips for boosting your immune system:

1.    Get More Sleep
Sleep is when your body recovers from the various stresses you put it through during the day. If you don’t give it enough sleep you are running on a deficit, which weakens your immune system and makes you more susceptible to getting sick.

2.    Work Out
Exercise boosts your immune system and is a mild detox for the body. It can be something as simple as a bike ride or a walk in the park.

3.    Work In
I wrote about this a few weeks ago. Activities like hatha yoga, or tai chi or qigong are all forms of meditation, which helps you de-stress, detox your mind – and keep your immune system strong.

4.    Eat Organic Food
Organic food is more nutritionally dense, providing you with more vitamins and minerals to help boost your immune system.

5.    Drink More Water
Not only is water a great detox, it is essential to keeping vital organs working properly. A good guideline is to take your bodyweight in kg (divide bodyweight by 2.2 if your scale is in lbs) and multiply by 0.033, and drink that much in litres, every day.

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Image courtesy of Esparta.

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