Knife Fight!

Regardless of how crazy busy our weeks or weekends are, my wife and I always make the time to cook dinner on Sunday evenings. We love to cook, but I must admit that despite being a designer, our kitchen has not yet been renovated, so it doesn’t look or function exactly the way we like. Despite not living in the perfect culinary world, our kitchen is quite well equipped with top quality pots and pans, appliances and gadgets.

Like most cooks, we covet the knives that we incessantly use on a daily basis. I am definitely not an expert when it comes to knives, so I will not meander on about something that I really don’t know a lot about. Like many guys, I consider kitchen knives to be items of fancy, something to be shown off, to impress dates and dinner guests, yet my expert knowledge as to what makes a knife great remains in rookie territory.

Now there seems to be a mind-numbing myriad of choices out there and I find a trip to Williams Sonoma to peruse their offerings an intimidating experience. I mean, what the hell do ask for when selecting one brand over the other? Sure, I can ask for guidance from sales staff, but this inevitably leads to a mind tug-of-war between me pretending to possess some sort of knife prowess and the sales staff encouraging me to trade up to the more expensive line, advising me to avoid a serious case of consumer regret down the road.

Our kitchen knives are actually a simple, but smart set of an assortment of carving, chopping and paring tools by Kitchen-Aid.  They don’t ooze prestige, but they stay sharp for long periods and have these well-balanced black handles made of some hard mystery material-a tad boring I know, but next week, I’ll talk about our Porsche Design appliances, because they just rock!

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