Lean Beef Can Lower Blood Pressure

Need to be eating heart healthy? That’s rough, pal. We have some good news, though: your hearth healthy diet can include lean beef.

According to a study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension, lean beef can help lower your blood pressure. Researchers had thirty-six men, ages thirty to sixty-five, test four different diets. The control diet consisted of 0.7 ounces of lean beef a day, a second diet 1 ounce per day, a third diet 4 ounces per day, and the fourth 5.4 ounces per day. Participants followed each diet in a randomly assigned order; each participant did one diet for five weeks, took a week off, and then proceeded to another one of the diets. Blood pressure was taken at the beginning and end of each dieting period.

The most effective diet was the one that allowed 5.4 ounces of lean protein a day. According to researchers, “This evidence suggests that it is the total protein intake — not the type of protein—that is instrumental in reducing blood pressure.”

Can’t imagine a cut of lean beef you’d want to eat? We suggest trying out Alton Brown’s recipe for skirt steak. It’s pretty great.

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