Married Men Are Fatter Than Single Men

Well boys, she isn’t the only one letter herself go after marriage. Actually, according to the data, she isn’t letting herself go at all—weight-wise, at least. Married men, but not married women, are more likely to be overweight than single men, or even men in a committed relationship.

This data comes to us by way of a study published in Families, Systems, and Health. The study tracked the weight, activity, and relationship status of 2,300 young adults in the US. 35% were single (or dating), 42% were in a committed relationship, and the remaining 23% were married. Researchers found that married men were twenty-five per cent more likely to be overweight or obese (that is, have a BMI of over twenty-five) than the other men.

Women, however, didn’t reflect the same pattern—suggesting that the old sitcom standby of a babe shacked up with a slob (think King of Queens) has some basis in reality. Not much, but you can’t expect much from a Kevin James sitcom.

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