Montreal Spring Cleaning: Bicycle Edition

Surviving Montreal’s winter is one triumph, but navigating its roads is quite another. What with unruly motorists and wayward pedestrians, a cyclist’s route from A to B can be difficult already—even more so if his ride has been neglected. This spring, ensure everything from the drivetrain to the braking system is running smooth.

Boutique: C&L Cycle
These guys have turned their passion into a full-blown fetish: this small yet sexy chop shop sells new and vintage bikes and has some of the highest end parts in town. Bringing together style, proficiency and trusted service, C&L promises your bike will be road-ready in no time. 75 Villeneuve St. W, 514-284-4932

Unpretentious: La Bicycletterie JR
Affordable and located in the heart of the Plateau, La Bicycletterie JR is a no-brainer for the casual cyclist. Their well-stocked business offers accessible replacement parts without the bells and whistles (unless you’re in the market for bells and whistles), perfect for those looking for a quick fix-up as the seasons change. 201 Rachel St. E, 514-843-6989

High End: Cycle Technique
If you take cycling more seriously than the average Jacques, Cycle Technique may be just your speed. Goggles, unreasonably tight shorts and an espresso bar for while you wait, this spot is much more than a simple bike shop. Exceptionally helpful staff will make any repairs necessary, but also advise what improvements could put the finishing touches on your steed. 788 Atwater Ave., 514-937-3626

Hands-On: Belleville Cycle Co-op
Not afraid of a little grease? Looking to learn a thing about bike repair yourself? Belleville Cycle is a do-it-yourself drop-in center for those hoping to improve their handiwork skills. Their repair room is fully stocked with tools, spare parts and discounted prices—a great place to experience the rewards of “trial and error.” Owners are on standby to give instruction or a helping hand. 2111 Bleury St., 514-510-6944

Image courtesy of Patrick Goossens

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