Walking, Cycling, and Taking Public Transit to Work Improves Wellbeing

Want to arrive at work in a brighter mood? Hang up those car keys and put on your walking shoes. A study published in Preventative Medicine has found that people who stopped driving to work and instead walked, cycled, or took public transit benefited from improved wellbeing at work. In … Read More

Oliver Cage

Not into biking around with a growler? Keep it slightly more low-key with this Oliver cage ($22), suitable for carrying a Stanley flask ($28). It bolts onto your bike just like a regular cage, but this one will carry booze.

Handleband Universal Smartphone Bar Mount

Yesterday, we watched some dick ride down the street reading directions on his phone. Sadly, the lamppost couldn’t get out of the way in time, and said dick’s one-handed steering didn’t help. Need to check directions while you’re riding? We understand. We do the same—but with both hands on the … Read More


Never get a flat when you’re in the garage, right? Not a problem any more—just pick up a PatchNRide ($30). If you have a puncture, all you do is insert the spiked tool tip and push the button to patch. Then you pump some air in your tire and be … Read More

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