Calgary’s 2012 Bachelor Party Primer

Yes, wedding season is upon us, which also means bachelor party season is here. It’s a trade-off — sitting in an uncomfortable suit for a 98-minute wedding ceremony in an unventilated church is your punishment for a day of stag debauchery. If you’ve been tasked with organizing this wild (and subsequently unspeakable) event, Calgary offers equal parts awesome and manly times for you and the boys.

You may want to clear the air and say goodbye to your best friend with a haze of ammunition. If so, Capture the Flag in Cochrane is a massive outdoor paintball experience that allows large groups to divide into teams and wage war on a multitude of terrains. Bragg Creek Paintball and Rampage City also have similar paintball packages for stags.

If shooting paint’s too juvenile, you can always pop off some live rounds at the Shooting Edge or Calgary Shooting Centre. For the pure sportsman, Silver Willow Golf and Sporting Club have an outdoor shooting range with five platforms where you can admire your natural surroundings while blowing up large chunks of it.

The French Maid Group’s three clubs have become an institution in the city for celebrating 18th birthdays, promotions, paydays, Friday afternoons, finding lucky pennies, and especially stags. The newest of the Maid’s offerings, Boudoir Rouge, is a 450 seat mega-peelers with on-site parking and a good-for-barhopping downtown location — likely making it your best choice for stag-ing.

Similarly, Stellar Entertainment has special stag packages, and if all goes awry, you can even buy one of their divorce packages.

Going to the casino for your stag is a quick way for everyone to go broke and, likely, home early. Thankfully, Calgary Casino Party will bring a fully functional casino to you with all the sights and sounds of a casino, including craps, roulette, blackjack, even slots, serviced by professional casino dealers. Each party can also be custom “upgraded” — bikini dealers, anyone?

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