Movember in Montreal

The math of Movember is simple: moustache + November. This annual, month-long charity event raises awareness for men’s health issues, particularly emphasizing the need for routine prostate checkups to catch early signs of cancer. The rules are simple: Groom your moustache or grow it from scratch, prevent it from joining the sideburns or chin, and act like a true gentleman. Mid-month, though, maintenance questions can arise for the first-timers. Here are some quick tips to get you to the end of the month looking better than most of the rest of them.

Foad Wax
Founded by moustache aficionado Patt Foad, this grooming product aims to satisfy the everyday upkeep a moustache requires. Homemade, hand-poured and comprised of natural beeswax, Foad Wax ensures a firm hold that’ll keep your whiskers curled throughout the day. Unfortunately, Canadians must order this product from across the pond; still, it’s “worth” the hassle, because Foad is donating 10% of its November sales to the Movember charity.

The Moustache Grower’s Guide
Here, simply, an essential compendium of classical and modern moustaches. The Moustache Grower’s Guide breaks down each style by difficulty, and even suggests what to wear with your new accessory. Aptly illustrated with moustache-toting caricatures, the guide is as much an instructional book as it is one suitable for a coffee table. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with the Cat’s Whiskers or keep it proper sporting a Copstash Standard, this tome will make sure you know what you’re getting into and stick to it.

Located on the first floor of the Delta Hotel, Mann is a salon for men that really satiates all of your grooming needs. While not a traditional barbershop by any means, Mann offers an assortment of modern barbering services, including the classic straight razor treatment. Throughout November you’ll surely need some pampering to keep your facial hair in check, and the staff here know how to make you feel like a king. After multiple hot towel presses, you’ll be treated to the city’s finest shave, followed by a quick face massage. Just be sure to indicate your goal is to keep the ’stache. 475 President Kennedy Ave., 514-395-0707.

Vasco Cigars vs. Fendrihan
If you’re brave enough to give the straight razoring a shot yourself, you might be hard-pressed to find the right equipment in the city. Montreal has surprisingly few places to buy a straight razor. Your best bet is Vasco Cigars, an apothecary for men’s needs, from ashtrays to cufflinks (and, yes, cigars). If you don’t mind waiting for your goods, an exceptionally well-stocked online alternative is Fendrihan, a Canadian web retailer for grooming tools. 1327 St. Catherine West, 514-284-0475.

Image courtesy of istolethetv.

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