Recreational Sports Leagues in Calgary

It’s nearing mid-fall in Calgary, and that means you can probably feel Winter’s depraved breath on your face as he prepares to swallow our last remnant of sunny fun. While many are excited for another adventurous season on the slopes, those not akin to mountain sports are dreading the impending malaise that comes with shutting in for the cold quarter. Iit doesn’t have to be that way: There are many opportunities to get out and hang out with some cool people in some heated places. You might squeeze in a good workout, as well. Here are some top options for recreational sports in Calgary, this winter.

Ladies and Gentlemen
All of your co-ed recreational sports needs in Calgary can be fulfilled by visiting the Calgary Sport & Social Club’s website (the CSSC has a practical monopoly on co-ed sports in Calgary). Unfortunately, many of the co-ed league rosters for fall/winter 2011 have been filled, but there are still a few spots left for teams wanting to compete in floor hockey or basketball. You can also sign up as a sub, for a chance to participate in one-off games of badminton, dodgeball, kickball, flag football or slo-pitch (to name a few), without having to adhere to the rigors of a weekly schedule. You can also train a co-ed squad on your own time and unleash the fury on unsuspecting competition in one of the CSSC’s tournaments.

Game time
Games that allow participants to drink beer and eat nachos during competition deserve praise and devotion. Pub league darts is a fun and affordable team game that is additionally awesome for the fact that any member of any squad can set-up a pro-level practice facility, cheap, in his living room. Weekly bowling is also a great time and billiards can provide an advantage similar darts — of housing the arena and the after-party location under the same roof.

Full court press
Most beer league ice hockey seasons are already underway in Calgary but there`s a less-intense offer from GHL Sports (men’s, co-ed, and drop-in/pick-up ball hockey), which might be the right fit for you. Also, keep it on the hardwood by checking out the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University`s intramural basketball leagues and many other indoor sports club nights.

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