Soups and Sandwiches in Montreal

No matter the season, the soup and sandwich combo is the perfect decision if you’re looking for a hearty meal. With the onset of autumn, it has the added bonus of warmth and comfort — and is great for the immune system. Canned soups just don’t cut it, so we’ve put together a list of Montreal soup and sandwich hotspots, each with something unique to keep you coming back for more.

Café Santropol
Summer seems to have gotten a second wind late in the month, which means patios are thankfully back in style. Café Santropol may not be the only soup and sandwich spot to have a terrace, but it’s certainly the biggest. With a sandwich selection that’s nothing to laugh at — it spans multiple pages of their menu — there’s not only something for everyone, but also room for exploring visit after visit. For first timers we recommend their Mango Madness with added chicken. 3990 St Urbain, 514-842-3110.

A two-story cocktail lounge/café hybrid, Kafein is one of the best places to drop into at any time of the day. All of their produce is fresh, and their meat organic, so you can trust you’re getting the highest quality meal available. Their “Day Menu” goes from Monday to Friday until midnight, and consists of soups of the day and an extensive list of focaccias. Whether you’re looking for something on the sweet-side (the “Applecalypso”) or substantial (“Poulet Bio,” their spin on a chicken/bacon), Kafein is sure to satisfy your appetite. 1429A Bishop, 514-904-6969.

Em Café
If you’re a family man, this is the place is for you. Friendly, no-nonsense wait staff, bright and inviting ambiance, and changing stations in each of the washrooms make Em Café perfect for Sunday brunch with the wife and kids. A genuine soup-sandwich combo is surprisingly hard to come by, but we’re glad Em has got it down to a science. Enjoy a soup and half-sandwich at an unbeatable price — we personally love the simplicity of the ham and cheese. 5718 Parc, 514-303-5735.

Soupe Soup
Looking to dress up your eating experience? Soupe Soup has a number of locations throughout Montreal (having expanded from one spot to six) to serve you soup, sandwich, and class. As its name suggests, soup’s the name of the game, but their sandwiches are excellent as well. We’ve chosen to highlight their eatery near Jean-Talon Market — if you’ve spent the day picking up delicious ingredients, we know sometimes it’s hard to wait ’til you get home. Soupe Soup delivers that same homemade taste but without any of the cleanup. Treat yourself, you deserve it. 7020 Casgrain, 514-903-2113.

Chez José
This joint is our little secret. Don’t be deterred by its loud colour scheme or close quarters atmosphere — if there’s no seating available, we suggest you wait. Off the beaten path of the Main, this Plateau gem touts sandwiches (the “churrasco,” or vege-pâté for vegetarians) that will honestly change your day. On top of the food, we suggest you order one of the freshly made smoothies — there’s nothing better for curing the Sunday morning hangover. 172 Duluth Est, 514-845-0693.

Image courtesy of Kafein.


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  1. you should check out miss pret a manger on bleury and rene. it’s a hidden gem. they serve more than sandwiches and soups. their menu changes every day. also, that sul posto spot inside bona gare centrale. that poulet pané is off the hook.

  2. How could you possibly talk about the best Soups and Sandwiches in Montreal and not mention Schwartz’s Deli on Blvd. St. Laurent. Simply the BEST

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