The $162 Workout: Legs and Abs

Next up in the $162 home gym workout: legs, abs and cardio intervals. For this workout, all you need is the resistance band and skipping rope. Enjoy.

Jump Squats
With feet parallel and shoulder width apart, slowly ease into the bottom of a squat. At the lowest point in the squat, quickly explode upward, leaping off the ground. Use you arms to help you jump higher. Land softly, on the top of your foot, NOT your full foot. To intensify, maximize speed. Repeat for 30 seconds.


Begin by lying on your back with legs straight and your hands extended behind your head. Your head should be in a neutral position with a space between your chin and chest. Leading with the chin and chest towards the ceiling, contract the abdominals and raise your shoulders off the floor. Also, raise your legs up towards the ceiling and attempt to touch your hands to your feet. Return to start position and repeat 20 times.


Skip rope for one minute.

Rest for 90 seconds.

Step Back Lunges with Resistance Band
Placing band underneath left foot, stand with legs together. Hold hands at shoulders and step back into a lunge with right leg. Keeping knee over ankle of front leg. To intensify raise the band over the head as you lunge. 10 per side, change sides after 20 reps.


Scissor Kicks
Lie flat on your back, extending one leg skyward, while lifting your opposite leg off the floor a few inches. Alternate legs in scissor motion for a three-count. Hold for every rep. Keep both feet flexed throughout entire exercise. Repeat 20 times.


Step Back Lunges with Resistance Band x 10 per side.

Scissor Kicks X 20.

Skip rope for one minute.

Rest for 90 seconds.

One Legged Balance Deadlifts with Resistance Band
Begin by creating a circle on the ground with your band (to create resistance). Step on the circle with your right foot as you bend forward, and grab onto the band handles. Raise your left leg off the ground and lift it behind you. Now bend the right leg and come down as deep as possible. Try not to let your left leg touch the ground. As you come up, straighten your right leg – push your chest out and straighten your back. Finish the right side and switch to opposite leg. Repeat 20 times.


Superman Planks
Start the movement in a plank position. Holding that position, raise your right arm and left leg slightly off of the ground and straighten your arm. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other arm and leg. Repeat 20 times.


One Legged Balance Deadlifts with Resistance Band X 20.

Superman Planks x 20.

Skip Rope for one minute.

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Image courtesy Brian.Leroux on Flickr.

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