Weight Lifting Helps Bone Density


37% of Canadian men suffer from osteoporosis. It can start in your thirties, and most people don’t even know they have it


Start lifting weights. A recent study in Bone found that lifting weights can increase bone density.


Thirty-eight physically active middle-aged men did either a weight-lifting program or a jump rope program for a year. Both programs required an hour or two of targeted exercises every week.

An important note about the weight lifting: the exercises had to increase the load on the hip and spine, so guys did squats, deadlifts, lunges, and overhead presses. They also had to increase the load over time, along with do rest weeks, since bones need rest to get stronger.

The participants (in both groups) also took calcium and vitamin D. Bone mass was measured at the beginning of the study, six months in, and at twelve months using X-ray scans of the body, hip, and lumbar spine.


Both groups had some bone density increase, but the weight lifting group had more. On top of that, only they had hip bone density increases.

The Takeaway

Lift weights. Your bones will thank you.


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