All Hail Stephen Colbert

Do you feel Canada’s government could do with a little more truthiness? Then maybe it’s time to ditch the monarch of Great Britain and seriously consider electing a new head of state. Maybe Stephen Colbert.

Colbert For King is a petition started by Democracy Watch to bring attention to the issue of an elected Head of State in Canada by attempting to get the comedian as our new King. The campaign’s goal is to get 100,000 signatures to crown Stephen Colbert on Parliament Hill.

According to Canada Newswire, a survey conducted in 2012 showed that 55% of Canadians wanted an electable head of state, instead of having the reigning monarch in Britain to automatically have the role. This means the people of Canada are willing and Stephen Colbert will most likely pounce at the opportunity. And hey, he (kind of ) already knows our anthem.

So sign the petition if you want Stephen Colbert to become the King of Canada. We here at DailyXY can think of a few reasons why he’d make a great monarch.

1. He’s not Afraid to Take on the People in Power

As our elected King, Colbert could act as a watchdog and make sure the House of Commons and the Prime Minister are doing their jobs. And he would be quite capable of doing it. When George Bush was president, Colbert was not afraid to take him down a notch.

2. He’s A Great Diplomat

Colbert meets and talks with other world leaders and heads of state all the time on his show. And the ease and comfortability in how he does it puts Stephen Harper’s cold fish routine to shame. We could send Colbert to every diplomatic meeting and watch our popularity soar.

3. He Loves Hockey

Colbert inspired the name of the Saginaw Sprit’s mascot: Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle. And he also plays a mean game of table hockey. That’s a lot more than Queen Elizabeth II can say.

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