DivorceHotel: A 48-Hour Dissolution In A Comfortable Setting

Getting a divorce is often painful and time-consuming, especially when it’s dragged out over many months. But imagine working out a divorce agreement over the course of 48 hours without any outside distractions. That’s exactly what guests at the DivorceHotel achieve.

CEO Jim Halfens developed the idea in the Netherlands after watching his best friend go through a terrible split. Halfens wanted to create a space where all the professional support you need for a divorce is provided in one place.

DivorceHotel provides mediators to help couples obtain a fast and affordable divorce. One major benefit is that couples know upfront when the procedure starts, when it ends, and exactly how much it will cost.

While anyone is eligible for this type of expedited divorce, the company suggests it works best for clients who “are both able to wish each other a positive and bright new future after divorce.” If each member of the party chooses to be amicable, then a divorce is possible within 48 hours. Couples with more contentious relationships probably won’t benefit from this type of arrangement.

“Everything takes place on neutral territory, in a relaxed environment with all kinds of comforts and facilities at your disposal,” the company touts on its website. “We will never treat you as a client but rather as a VIP guest.”

Those wishing to use the services of DivorceHotel simply register on its website. During an initial interview, the couple explains its situation. The parties involved also learn more about the service as well as which DivorceHotel solution is most appropriate. Then the mediation begins.

The mediator determines if DivorceHotel is right for the couple and what information will be required, such as property and/or pension valuations. The earlier this information is provided, the easier it is to efficiently conclude a divorce.

The couple stays at a hotel for two nights. These luxury facilities are selected for their quiet and low-key atmospheres. No one is aware that the couple is there to seek a divorce, and the mediation occurs in private. Experienced attorneys and mediators lead the process. If necessary other advisors, including accountants, brokers, and therapists, are used over the course of two days.

The company currently operates in the United States and the United Kingdom but plans on expanding to Australia next year. In addition to hotels, DivorceHotel assists couples who would like to settle their divorces in an office or online.

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