Want Better Sleep? Have More Sex

One of the best ways to have a good night’s sleep is by having sex, according to a new survey by Sleep Cycle. Their recent sleep survey reveals that 68 percent of people sleep better after getting intimate with their partners.

Over 1,000 Americans participated in the survey. Forty percent said that sex was the pre-sleep activity that helped them get a good night’s sleep, followed by reading a book (33 percent) and listening to music (29 percent).

According to Sleep.org, more sex really does make it easier to fall asleep. Sex releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin and lowers the stress-related hormone cortisol. “Plus, having an orgasm releases a hormone called prolactin, which makes you feel relaxed and sleepy. All of that leads up to a nice, drowsy state that’s perfect for cuddling up and falling asleep,” noted the sleep expert group.

Conversely, 41 percent of those surveyed said they’d rather sleep alone than with their significant other. The reason? More than half (52 percent) said snoring keeps them up at night. Twelve percent said it wakes them up every single night.

Thirty percent admitted to sleeping on the couch or in a separate room to avoid their partner’s snoring. Seven percent said this happens every night, while 10 percent said it happens several times a week.

This type of interruption can cause problems with your sex life. If one partner doesn’t sleep well and keeps the other one awake, sex drive can plummet.

Getting the perfect night’s sleep depends on several factors in addition to sex, including whether or not there’s sound in the room, what the temperature is, and how dark the room is. Twenty-nine percent of those surveyed said a hot or cold room is the biggest point of contention with their partner.

Nearly half of participants said they wake up when their partner’s alarm goes off, but 79 percent aren’t bothered by it.

“Couples should make romance a priority to help ensure a good night’s sleep,” said Carl Johan Hederoth, CEO of Northcube, the creators of the alarm clock Sleep Cycle.


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