The Advantage of Entering the Workforce During a Recession

So, you graduated around 2008, you’re managed to avoid the fate of the long-term unemployed, but you’re probably nowhere near owning your own home, paying off your student loans, and your grandpa won’t shut the hell up at Thanksgiving. So what’s the silver lining? Well, you’ll probably be happier in the long run.

According to a study published in Administrative Science Quarterly, people who enter the workforce during a recession tend to be happier with their careers than those who entered during prosperous times—even early and late in their careers, and even if they earn less money.

According to author Emile C. Biachi, “People who entered the workforce in bad economies were less likely to entertain thoughts about how they might have done better, and more likely to feel grateful for their jobs, both of which mediated the relationship between economic conditions at workforce entry and job satisfaction.”

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