103 Inches of B&O

You’ve been told that, no matter what, there’s always going to be someone out there richer, smarter or with a nicer TV than you.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 4-103 will certainly not make you richer ($145,000 sans gold cabinet), and people may question the intelligence of anyone who’d purchase a television set that costs more than some people’s homes, but your living room will be beyond reproach. Finally, the TV that’s a hit with sheiks everywhere can be yours to own.

In case you’re wondering, the “103” in BeoVision 4-103 stands for inches. 103. Inches. Over eight and a half feet. With its custom, motorized raising/tilting brushed aluminum stand, it weighs in at a floorboard-crushing 1,316 lbs.

But this set’s a beauty. B&O begins by selecting the best of the best available plasma panel. Produced by Panasonic, the 103” panel in the BV4-103 is guaranteed to be free from dead or stuck pixels. Further enhancement is achieved with the patent-pending in-house technology of B&O’s Automatic Color Management. Every 100 hours, a camera on a tiny robotic arm swings in front of the set. As plasma panels can fade and colours can distort over time, the camera periodically analyzes the picture and automatically makes any adjustments necessary, ensuring optimum image quality for many years.

Of course, the screen is only half the story. B&O is famous for integrating cutting-edge engineering with elegant, minimalist design. Housed in a handsome aluminum cabinet, buyers can select from six colours including the aforementioned real gold.

The matching, rounded stand is barely visible whilst the television is in standby mode. With the touch of a button, the stand silently raises the massive TV to its viewing position while simultaneously revealing a 500-watt BeoLab 10 centre channel speaker. Of course, the BV4-103 can also be wall-mounted, assuming your studs can support the 593 lbs it slims down to without the stand.

And therein lies perhaps the BV4-103’s biggest challenge. Assuming you can afford the beast, how the heck do you get it in your home? Well, if you build it, it will come. B&O suggests that many buyers actually build their house around the TV.

Currently, the only BV4-103 on display in North America resides in Toronto’s Yorkville showroom. While it’s no longer the absolute biggest on the block (Panasonic just released a 152-inch panel that may be next in line for the B&O treatment), it is, without a doubt, the most beautiful.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 4-103 is on display at the B&O showroom at 175 Avenue Rd., Toronto.

Image courtesy of Bang & Olufsen

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