103 Inches of B&O

You’ve been told that, no matter what, there’s always going to be someone out there richer, smarter or with a nicer TV than you. The Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 4-103 will certainly not make you richer ($145,000 sans gold cabinet), and people may question the intelligence of anyone who’d purchase … Read More

DailyXY’s 2011 Gift Guide: Editor’s Picks

Undoubtedly, a perk of editorial rank is ease of access to merchandise from a tremendous variety of categories, including luxury, tech and simply new. Many items that come through our offices impress, but below is my year-end list of selections that didn’t just catch my attention — they commanded it. … Read More

LG’s new 3D LED TV

Hosting a tech demo in the shadow of Real Sports Bar and Grill’s monolithic giant-screen TVs means that whatever’s being shown off needs to be damn impressive to hold anyone’s attention. LG did not disappoint at its recent event, introducing Toronto to its smart TV and home entertainment ecosystem. In … Read More

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