Essential World Cup Accessories

The World Cup, which kicks off on Friday, only happens every four years. It’d be wrong for you not to paint your face, adorn yourself in scarves, wave flags and honk your car horn like a mad man with every goal scored. This year, upgrade from mere spectator to full-blown fanatic with these essential World Cup accessories.

The Ball
Jabulani – Official Match Ball FIFA World Cup 2010

Despite its detractors, this ball will be the one that players from Honduras to North Korea will be kicking in the coming weeks. Its spherically moulded panels are thermally bonded, offering superior control and shooting accuracy. (Note: Buying this ball does not guarantee superior control and shooting accuracy.) $150

The Book
The World Is a Ball: The Joy, Madness and Meaning of Soccer by John Doyle

Globe and Mail television critic John Doyle, it seems, should’ve been a sportswriter. In this memoir recounting his soccer-related experience from across the globe, the Irish-born Doyle uses wit and passion to offer hilarious insights about the game and its fans.

The Shirt
Umbro World Champions Collection

When we first saw the ads (pictured above), we didn’t notice the jerseys either. On closer inspection, it turns out the uniforms eschew the traditional baggy fit for a high armholed, tailored look. Designers, tattoo and graffiti artists have given them their cheeky, custom-designed crests. Jerseys, $100.

The Game
Subbuteo SuperFooty Table Top Soccer Game

Subbuteo brings home the on-pitch excitement with mini-figurines, operated by a flick of your finger, and a tabletop field. Spend hours in seclusion, painting your players with meticulous detail! Your football fandom will never be doubted again. $55

Image courtesy of UmbroFootball.

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