Flirting Through Body Language

You know how women love a guy who’s funny, the one who has a pick-up lines that just makes them giggle into oblivion? Is that you? Too bad. You see, here, in this particular bar, it’s loud, it’s busy and I look good. Really good. But how could you possibly pick me up, if you can’t even hear yourself think? In other words, what can you do, when you can not rely on your wits and the music is really, really LOUD.

Point at me. Point at you. If I’m wearing earrings, point at your ears if you like my earrings. If I have a tattoo, point at a place on your body where my tattoo is. Smile, give me a cheesy thumbs up. If I roll my eyes, I’m obviously not the girl for you, but if I laugh, come closer. (I have a tattoo on my belly that I used to show off. I got picked up by a “pointer” at a Biohazard concert once.)

Chin Thrust.
Found this one in a lame book on flirting at Chapters. You lock eyes with the hottie and once you’ve got her, you thrust your chin forward (subtly). It’s kind of like a sign of approval and is guaranteed to get noticed. I tried it right there at Chapters on one of the sales clerks and he rushed to me, blushing.

Bad Dancing. If you’ve got some super spastic dance moves, or exaggerated boy-band moves or really good dance moves, posing as bad dance moves, show them off, my friend. There is nothing like a boy dancing his heart out for a lady. You will get noticed even if you make a scene. A horrible movie, a fantastic dance sequence here.

Peacock. Not so much a body language but some beautiful plumage to get the language going. Dress well, dress goofy, but dress to be noticed. Take a clue from a peacock and don’t be afraid to show your true colours – a pajama is juvenile and risky but may work, a Mad Men suit is sexy and will work if combined with any of the techniques above. A subtle, yet guaranteed notice-me is a nice tie (not a funny tie!), something with flowers or girl-friendly design (ask Mr. Smith, not me).

See you AT THE CLUB.

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